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According to his tombstone in Rose Hill Cemetery, Henry Abel was born 15 February 1817 at Ebertzheim Rhein, Bavaria, Germany. He immigrated to the United States, arriving in New York in late Spring of 1834 – listed as age 18 on a ship manifest. About 17 months later, Henry came to Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Approximately 4 years after his move, Mr. Abel married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Follendore. She, born 20 October 1826 in Baden, Germany, was just 16 years of age at the time.

Henry and Elizabeth Abel as a couple were a fixture in the city of Macon for more than fifty years. Though I am of no relation to this family, I have documented more than 240 of their descendants, concentrating primarily on the first 3 generations – through their great-grandchildren.

While I am attempting to follow a pattern in order to not miss a planned post, there is no particular order in which these "should" be read.

- Descendants of Henry Abel (1817-1895)
- Fred T. Abel: a Good Old Pipe Smokin' Rebel
- Camilla S. Brooks Abel Family, 1848-1878
- The Marriage of James Abel & Olive Domingos
- Will of Fred T. Abel, d. 1909 Bibb County, Georgia
- Burial Place of Oscar Abel, d. 1909
- Martha Estella & Willie Mae: Sisters Abel Turned Smith
- 1892 Death of Mr. John Henry Abel
- Does Mamie Abel McKay Really Rest at Rose Hill?
- Burial of Gardner Lemuel Davis: Rose Hill or Riverside?
- Lovick Askew Abel Dies at Home in Macon
- Mildred Abel Worked for the WPA
- Laura Abel Stephan Couldn't Recover from a Fractured Skull
- Who Exactly is Mrs. J. M. Smith?
- Abel Brothers Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter
- Three Scars for Lovick Moreland
- Thurman A. & Ellen S. Calvert (Tombstones Tuesday)

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