28 January 2013

Little Anna Gertrude: Heaven Resounds with Her Hallelujahs of Joy

There is great detail in the stone placed for Anna Gertrude Powers, the ten year old daughter of Virgil and Ann Powers. Anna is represented (a likeness?) and being carried to Heaven by two angels. Notice the finger pointing upward of one of the angels, as well as their tendrils of hair. And notice the cross necklace Anna is wearing. It's a beautiful sculpture. Below the image is a detailed obituary for little Anna, who died of Scarlet Fever.

Anna Gertrude
eldest daughter of Virgil & Ann E. Powers
was born in Washington Co, April 12th, 1848
died in Fort Valley March 11th, 1859

Of Scarlet Fever, in Fort Valley, Ga., on the 11th of March, Anna G., eldest daughter of Virgil and Ann E. Powers, aged ten years and eleven months.

Thus hath God in his infinite wisdom taken from earth one of its fairest and loveliest flowers, to transplant it in the beautiful garden of eternal love and glory.

Possessed of a bright and sparkling intellect -- quick and tender sensibilities -- an affectionate disposition and winning manners, Anna won her way irresistibly to the hearts of all who knew her. -- She was the pride of a fond father's heart, the cherished object of a mother's love -- her teacher's boast, and the dearest companion of her schoolmates. Now God is her Father and Teacher -- angels her companions -- and heaven resounds with her hallelujahs of joy.

Those taper fingers which lightly glided over the keys of her piano, now strike, with bold, angelic hand, harp-strings sweetly echoing the music of heaven. That sweet voice just maturing here, now swells the angelic choir of the Eternal -- yea, she revels in the delights of the paradise of God.

We mourn not for her as those without hope, but bow submissively to the chastening rod, feeling that the Judge of all the earth must do right. "He gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well." [Macon Weekly Telegraph (Georgia), 12 April 1859, pg. 3]

*Above photo © 2008-2013 S. Lincecum

26 January 2013

In His Life There Came Neither Stain nor Reproach

Photo by James Allen


MACON, Ga., June 20. -- Virgil Powers, State railroad commissioner, public works commissioner of the city of Macon, member of the Bibb county board of education, and trustee of the Georgia Academy for the Blind, died this morning at 10:40 o'clock after several months of illness, at the age of seventy five years. He was for many years superintendent of the Southwestern railroad and also commissioner of the Southern Railway and Steamship Association. He was one of the best known railroad men and leading citizens of the State. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock. [Columbus Daily Enquirer (Georgia), 21 June 1894, pg. 1]

Virgil and his wife, Ann E. Jenkins, both rest in Rose Hill Cemetery. Virgil was born 9 May 1819 and died 20 June 1894. Ann was born 22 November 1821 and died 23 January 1897.

24 January 2013

Age is But a Number

Drury Jenkins
Born in Onslow Co, N.C.
Nov 1, 1794
Died in Macon, GA.
Feb 28, 1878
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

Photo by James Allen
When Drury Jenkins felt duty call in April 1861, he didn't let his age of 66+ years get in the way. He served as a private in Company E of the 3rd Georgia Infantry for more than a year, when he was discharged for "general debility and extreme age." His departure was noted in a letter to the Macon Telegraph (Georgia):
3d Regiment Georgia Vols.,
June 14th, 1862.
Editor Telegraph: -- The week has passed without one item of interest, in the vicinity of our camp. For the last two days not a gun has been heard from the enemy, to denote that "they are still there," but we know they are...

Uncle Drury Jenkins, of Co. "E," the old veteran of seventy years, has been obliged to succumb, and has received his discharge. We regret his departure from us, for we had all learned to love him. No doubt he will receive a cordial reception upon his arrival home. He is worthy of it...
The same newspaper carried Mr. Jenkins' funeral notice some sixteen years later:
Macon Telegraph and Messenger (Georgia)
2 March 1878, pg. 4
Funeral of Mr. Jenkins
Yesterday afternoon the funeral of Mr. Drury Jenkins was preached at the First Baptist Church.

Dr. Skinner, the pastor, delivered the discourse. After speaking from the words of scripture contained in the sixth verse of the sixty-fourth chapter of Isaiah, of the brevity and uncertainty of life, and that "we all must fade as a leaf," he gave a short sketch of the deceased.

He was been [sic] in North Carolina on November 4th, 1794, moved at an early age to Washington county, where he afterward joined the Baptist Church. He was forty-three years a consistent member. He was in several engagements during the late war.

A fine eulogium was pronounced on Mr. Jenkins as a man and Christian.

At the grave Masonic honors were paid which closed the funeral services.

19 January 2013

In the Sowing, She Lived the Life of the Just

Photo by James Allen

Mrs. Anna D. Sheehan, widow of Dennis Sheehan, died yesterday afternoon at 3:20 o'clock at Mt. De Sales Academy. Mrs. Sheehan was in her 85th year, and had been in declining health for several months. She will be kindly remembered among the older residents of this city, having lived here since early womanhood. Her husband, Dennis Sheehan, was a merchant here and died many years ago. The funeral services will be held at St. Joseph Catholic church this (Sunday) afternoon at 5:30 o'clock, Father Frankhauser officiating. The following will serve as pallbearers: Messrs. Robert Sheridan, Augustin Daly, Jack Coffey, James McMurray, Mr. Callaghan and Giles Hardeman. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 8 June 1919, Pg. 10.]

Mrs. Anna Sheehan was born about 1840 in Ireland. She was the wife of Dennis G. Sheehan, and the mother of Thaddeus D. Sheehan.

In the sowing, she lived the life of the just,
In the harvest, she reaped the reward of the blest.

15 January 2013

Thaddeus D. Sheehan Is Claimed By Death (Obituary & Tribute of a Friend)

Photo by James Allen

Well Known Young Man was Found Dead in Bed Yesterday Morning.

Thaddeus D. Sheehan, son of the late Dennis G. Sheehan, was found dead yesterday morning at 9 o'clock when his mother, Mrs. Anna D. Sheehan, went to his room to awake him. The man had been dead several hours.

He was born in Macon May 6, 1879, and was one of the best known young men of the community. Genuine sorrow was expressed by many when the news of his sudden death became known.

When Mr. Sheehan did not appear for breakfast at the usual hour his mother became alarmed and went to her son's room. She was horrified to discover the body cold in death.

The funeral will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock from St. Joseph's Catholic church, Rev. Father Madden officiating.

Tribute of a Friend.

The following tribute is from a friend:

There was no better known personage in Macon than Thaddeus D. Sheehan. About thirty years ago there was no better known or more universally liked man than Capt. Dennis G. Sheehan, the father. The older citizen will recall the days when Thad, as he was most generally called, was a wee little fellow, the constant companion of his father. His precocity and the love of the father for the boy was known to all. Then came the death of Captain Sheehan, and young as he was it was a great blow to Thad. To the day of his death the love of the son for his father, his devotion to his memory, and the tenderness in which he always spoke of him, and his mother as well, was noted always among those with whom Thad mingled.

In the death of this man, for man he was, the children of the city have lost a great friend. No man loved children more than he, and they, in turn, loved him. He was their friend alway [sic], and their champion. Never would he allow them to be imposed on, and not only was he ever ready to fight their battles and champion their causes, but he was constantly doing something for them, little things it is true, but sufficient to show his love for them. Flowers and children were his idols.

Young Sheehan had his friends, plenty of them. He had a keen sense of honor. Without intention to be too personal, one instance is given to show this truth: It was during the recent municipal campaign. He had friends on both sides, and he was undecided as to how he would cast his vote. He worried over it, and when one day he would decide to vote for Miller he would keep away from his Moore friends. Then he changed and declared he would vote for Moore; but later in the campaign he did some clerical work for the Miller headquarters, and at last he voted for Miller. His reason for this was characteristic. He said while he wanted to vote for Moore, having a greater number of friends on that side, he had accepted money from the Miller people, and his conscience would not allow him to vote against Miller. This is only one instance of many.

Let it be repeated, the children have lost a good friend. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 1 January 1910, pg. 7 -- viewed online at GenealogyBank.]

14 January 2013

Can't Leave Thad Alone

Found a few more bits of information about Thad Sheehan. Nothing that would qualify as "insane" characteristics, however. Seems he liked to collect old things -- my kind of guy!

City Items Tersely Told
Old firemanic tournaments will be recalled by perusal of the following words printed on a red badge: "Stonewall Hose Company, Firemanic Tournament, Griffin, July 4, 1889." Thad Sheehan once lived in Griffin, and a few days ago found the badge in the fold of some old papers. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 2 December 1906, pg. 5]

Short Stories of the Town
Talking about curios, Thad Sheehan has a walnut plank taken from old Ralston Hall 50 years ago. It is about four feet long, one inch thick and eight inches wide. It was in possession of a member of the Doody family for many years. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 13 February 1907, pg. 2]

I found Thad in the Macon City Directory for the years 1904 - 1906 as well as 1908 and 1909. The occupation listed the year of his death was "collr" (collector).

11 January 2013

The Curious Case of Thaddeus Sheehan

Photo by James Allen
Thaddeus was born to Irish parents Dennis G. and Anna Dunn Sheehan 6 May 1878. He lived just thirty-one years, dying at his home in Macon, Georgia 31 December 1909.

What (if true) makes his life curious to me is an entry found in the 1900 U.S. Federal census for Mount Hope, Baltimore, Maryland. The census, specifically, was for the patients of Mount Hope Retreat. This was a hospital and asylum began about 1840 by the Roman Catholic Sisters of Charity. This facility was described in Baltimore County, its History, Progress and Opportunities (pub. 1916 by the Jeffersonian Publishing Co. of Towson, MD) as "the place where so many unfortunates are cared for and placed on the road to recovery." Per the aforementioned census, a Thad D. Sheehan (age 22, born Georgia) was an "insane patient" at Mount Hope Retreat.

First of all, is this the same Thad D. Sheehan resting in Rose Hill Cemetery? There are connections that seem to suggest so. Mount Hope Retreat was a Catholic facility, and per an obituary, Thad was possibly of the Catholic faith. Furthermore, Mount Hope Retreat was located in Baltimore, Maryland, and I found this tidbit in a local (Georgia) paper: "Mr. Thad Sheehan has accepted the agency for the Baltimore American. His many friends here wish him every success in his new work." [Macon Telegraph, 10 July 1903, Pg. 2] And the 1908 Macon, Georgia city directory lists Thad as a reporter. Makes sense he might have tested the waters in the Baltimore newspaper business -- another connection between Thad in Georgia and Thad in Maryland.

It's the insane part that seems, um, insane? My gut says to write it off as incomplete and/or inaccurate information in the census. Certainly not an uncommon thing. But I do think the Thad in Maryland and the Thad in Georgia are one in the same. I sure would like to know the whole story!

Prominent Young Macon Man Ill Only Short Time.

Macon, Ga., December 31 -- (Special.) Thaddeus D. Sheehan, son of the late Dennis Sheehan, and a young man whose personality and jovial good nature were as well known to every citizen almost as that of members of his own family, was found dead in his bed this morning at the family residence, 1120 Walnut street, by his mother, Mrs. Anna T. Sheehan, when she went to his room to arouse him for his morning meal. He had been slightly indisposed two or three days, and his physical condition was not at all favorable, but he had not chosen to remain indoors and was only yesterday on the streets in the best of spirits.

He was a young man, unmarried. He took great interest in all political affairs about the community, and always had his side, working devotedly to win. He frequented the city hall, paid regular visits to all the officials when they happened to be those for whom he had worked in the elections, and regularly made calls at all the public offices in town. His death was a distinct shock to scores of people. Only his mother survives him. The funeral will occur tomorrow. [Atlanta Consitution (Georgia) 1 January 1910]

03 January 2013

A Good Man Gone: The Death of Mr. Dennis G. Sheehan

Photo by James Allen
The Death of Mr. Dennis G. Sheehan, in Griffin. Funeral this Morning.

The funeral of Mr. Dennis G. Sheehan, who died at Griffin on Wednesday evening, will be held this morning at 10 o'clock, from St. Joseph's Catholic church in this city. The interment will take place at Rose Hill.

Mr. Sheehan was for many years a citizen of Macon, and there are numbers of prominent people here to whom the news of his death was a sad surprise. During his long residence in this city he was connected with several dry goods firms, and was considered one of the best posted men in the profession.

He went to Griffin as the manager of a branch store of W. C. Lyons & Co., in that city, and was engaged in that capacity when he died. He leaves a wife and son to mourn his untimely departure." [Macon Telegraph (Georgia), 20 December 1890, pg. 6]

Dennis was born in Ireland.  His wife and son, buried nearby, were Mrs. Anna Dunn Sheehan (1840-1919) and Thad. D. Sheehan (1878-1909).
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