31 July 2010

The Bond Monument

This memorial is for the BOND family. It was originally erected to the memory of Joseph Bond (1815-1859). The monument was cut in Italy and shipped to the United States about the time of "the break between the States." It was housed in a warehouse in New York until the end of the Civil War. Then it was shipped to Macon. It is located in the Holly Ridge section of Rose Hill, and beside it are steps leading down to what once were the banks of the Ocmulgee River. Now it's railroad tracks.

Joseph Bond
Born January 11, 1815
Died March 12, 1859

Henrietta Bond Nelson
Born February 21, 1828
Died January 20, 1896

Joseph Bond, Jr.
Born March 12, 1858
Died August 3, 1901

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