31 May 2012

Mrs. Ella Cameriero Deserted By, Then Reunited With Husband?

Hmmm... I wonder what happened here.
In Need of Help.
A sad case of need can be found by the charitably inclined this morning at No. 355 Fourth street.

Mrs. N. Cameriero, formerly Miss Ella English of Marshallville, who was deserted by her husband several days ago is in destitute circumstances and in need of work.

Competent to do all kind of needle work, she finds herself unable to maintain herself for want of employment. The ladies of the city are appealed to in this matter. [Macon Telegraph, Georgia, 28 November 1888]
The above notice was published less than a year after Ella and Nicholas were married, as they were united in matrimony 28 December 1887.

I wanted to determine if Ella was still married at the time of her death seven years later. A database search produced no results, so I went page by page of the 24th and 25th December 1895 editions of The Macon Telegraph, finding it hard to believe there was no mention of her death. The first find on page 8 of the 24 December edition speaks of Ella's death:
The Funeral Will Take Place Today at the Catholic Church.

Mrs. E. N. Cameriero died at the residence, 418 Mulberry street, yesterday.

The interment will take place today, the funeral services to be held at St. Joseph's Catholic church at 9:30 o'clock.

Mrs. Cameriero was well known in Macon, where she spent the greater portion of her life. Before her marriage she was Miss Ella English.
Not enough information, so I kept going. The next day's news included the following:
Mrs. Cameriero's Funeral Occurred on Her 29th Birthday Anniversary.

The death of Mrs. E. N. Cameriero was peculiarly sad. On her 29th birthday anniversary she was buried in Rose Hill cemetery.

She had been a loving wife and a devoted Christian, being a member of the Roman Catholic church. Her bereaved family consist of a sorrowing husband, and two little chldren, one little babe only a few hours old when its mother died. The other child is a bright little boy. Mrs. Cameriero's mother lives in Atlanta.
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