28 January 2013

Little Anna Gertrude: Heaven Resounds with Her Hallelujahs of Joy

There is great detail in the stone placed for Anna Gertrude Powers, the ten year old daughter of Virgil and Ann Powers. Anna is represented (a likeness?) and being carried to Heaven by two angels. Notice the finger pointing upward of one of the angels, as well as their tendrils of hair. And notice the cross necklace Anna is wearing. It's a beautiful sculpture. Below the image is a detailed obituary for little Anna, who died of Scarlet Fever.

Anna Gertrude
eldest daughter of Virgil & Ann E. Powers
was born in Washington Co, April 12th, 1848
died in Fort Valley March 11th, 1859

Of Scarlet Fever, in Fort Valley, Ga., on the 11th of March, Anna G., eldest daughter of Virgil and Ann E. Powers, aged ten years and eleven months.

Thus hath God in his infinite wisdom taken from earth one of its fairest and loveliest flowers, to transplant it in the beautiful garden of eternal love and glory.

Possessed of a bright and sparkling intellect -- quick and tender sensibilities -- an affectionate disposition and winning manners, Anna won her way irresistibly to the hearts of all who knew her. -- She was the pride of a fond father's heart, the cherished object of a mother's love -- her teacher's boast, and the dearest companion of her schoolmates. Now God is her Father and Teacher -- angels her companions -- and heaven resounds with her hallelujahs of joy.

Those taper fingers which lightly glided over the keys of her piano, now strike, with bold, angelic hand, harp-strings sweetly echoing the music of heaven. That sweet voice just maturing here, now swells the angelic choir of the Eternal -- yea, she revels in the delights of the paradise of God.

We mourn not for her as those without hope, but bow submissively to the chastening rod, feeling that the Judge of all the earth must do right. "He gave, He took, He will restore. He doeth all things well." [Macon Weekly Telegraph (Georgia), 12 April 1859, pg. 3]

*Above photo © 2008-2013 S. Lincecum

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