24 October 2017

Three Scars for Lovick Moreland

(Part of the Descendants of Henry Abel series.)

Paul Kenneth Moreland (1892-1968), son of William and Nannie L., married Myrtle L. Abel (1903-1977) about 1920.  Myrtle was a great-granddaughter of Henry Abel.

Paul and Myrtle had at least three children.  Two were Lovick Alexander Moreland (1926-1986) and Edith Kinnie Moreland
Smith Parish (1928-2005).


A physical description of an eighteen-year-old Lovick can be found on the flip side of his World War II draft registration card.  He stood 5'4" tall, weighed 105 lbs., and had blue eyes and blonde hair.  It was also noted Lovick had a "scar on arm [at?] wrist on right hand.  One on right knee & small scar on back head."

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A couple of news items might shed some light on a young boy who either liked to play hard, or was accident prone.  In May of 1939, a school aged Lovick was treated for a laceration on his head at the Macon hospital.  He told nurses he was hit by a swing.

Two years later, almost to the day, Lovick was doctored for "injuries received when he was run over by an auto…He was treated for chin laceration and face abrasions at Macon hospital emergency room and soon dismissed."

Upon his death on 7 March 1986, Lovick was laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery.  His parents are there, too.

Rose Hill - J Allen-005

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