19 March 2010

The Marriage of James Abel & Olive Domingos

From the 19 July 1909 (Monday morning) edition of the Macon Telegraph:
Macon Society
Domingos - Abel

Sunday afternoon at the South Macon Methodist Parsonage at 4:30 Mr. Jim Abel and Miss Olive Domingos were quietly united in marriage by the Rev. J. W. Domingos. Miss Domingos is the daughter of Mr. R. J. Domingos of this city, and Mr. Abel is the manager of J. D. McKay's meat shop on Montpelier avenue.
In 1930, James and Olive were living on Columbus Road in Bibb County, Georgia. They had four children, two sons and two daughters.

James Benjamin Abel was the son of William Abel (1845-1920) and Martha Jane Jones (1851-1933), and the grandson of Henry and Elizabeth Abel. He and his wife Olive were buried in the family plot purchased by James' father in 1872. Along with William, Martha, James, and Olive, other family members buried in the plot located in Eglantine Square are James and Olive's son William Domingos Abel (1918-1985) and Lula Ruth Abel (1893-1979). Lula was a sister of James.

James B. Abel
Nov 2, 1889
Feb 2, 1950

Olive A. Domingos
Wife of James B. Abel
Dec 20, 1890
Nov 28, 1944

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