25 September 2016

Wife's Name is Incorrect in the Obituary for John E. Jones

JonesobitsKeeping up with the Joneses is indeed a hard thing to do.  Especially genealogically speaking.  But the following obituaries for Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jones did go a long way in providing me some names and family connections – with one glaring mistake.

Col. John E. Jones was the first to pass away.  His wife would follow just a few months later.

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
3 May 1891 -- pg. 3 [via GenealogyBank]



One of Macon's Oldest and Most Respected Residents Called to His Last Long Home -- A Short Sketch of His Life

At 10:30 o'clock last night Col. J. E. Jones, one of Macon's best and oldest citizens, breathed his last.

While his illness had not been of long duration, the end was not unexpected, as the doctors had given up all hope for several hours before.

John Edwin Jones, the deceased, was the son of John Jones and Sarah Wimberly -- was born in Houston county, Ga., and was in his 64th year at the time of his death.

Col. Jones married Miss Henrietta Dean, daughter of James Dean of Macon.

At about the age of 20 he entered into copartnership with his father in the cotton warehouse business in Macon and Savannah under the firm name of John Jones & Son.  He attended to the business of the firm in Savannah and resided there about two years.  On returning to Macon he became the agent of the Bank of Savannah, and retained that position till the beginning of the Confederate war or thereabout.  He was not in the regular Confederate army, but saw service in what was known as Joe Brown's militia, and was present in the siege of Savannah.

After the war, about '68, he became the agent of the Macon cotton factory.  In 1869 he established the Central Georgia Bank in Macon, became its president and continued so till three years ago, when he resigned on account of declining health.

After the death of Gen. W. S. Holt, Col. Jones became the president of the Southwestern Railway Company, and retained that high position till his death.

Recently he became president of the Covington and Macon railroad, and so remained until the road went into the hands of a receiver.

He has been president of the bond commission of the city of Macon ever since the commission was established.

The deceased had five grown daughters, three married, of whom two of the married are yet living, one married daughter died, two died unmarried and one daughter, living, is single.

The married daughters now living are Mrs. Claude Estes and Mrs. W. R. Cox.

Mrs. Jones, wife of the deceased, is the sister of Mrs. L. Q. C. Lamar.

On Tuesday night, April 28, Mr. Jones was taken sick, but did not send for a physician till next day, April 29, when Drs. H. H. Mettauer and James Etheridge were called.  But this disease, intususception [sic] of the bowels, proved to be beyond their skill.

When I first read this obituary, I thought I had the wrong John E. Jones.  But, nope, this is the right guy.  Henrietta Dean, however, was NOT his wife's name.  The correct name is Miss Arabella Dean, a sister of Henrietta's.  The line toward the end, "Mrs. Jones, wife of the deceased, is the sister of Mrs. L. Q. C. Lamar," is correct.  Henrietta first married W. S. Holt, then L. Q. C. Lamar.

According to the Georgia Marriages, 1808-1967 database at FamilySearch.org, John E. Jones married "Annabella" O. Dean 28 November 1848 in Bibb County.  John and Arabella are memorialized on the same stone at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Original images by James Allen.  This mashup by S. Lincecum.

The part of Mr. Jones's obituary that describes his children is also a bit confusing.  The number given is "five daughters," but the paragraph further describes six.  Though it doesn't help with her maiden name, Mrs. Jones's obituary did help me with all the daughters.

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
11 August 1891, pg. 6 [via GenealogyBank]


Passed Away at Her Home Early Yesterday Morning.
Mrs. John E. Jones, widow of the late Col. John E. Jones, died at her home on Georgia avenue yesterday morning at 4 o'clock.

She had been ill for about ten days with bilious fever, but a fatal termination was not expected until Sunday, when she began to sink rapidly.

Mrs. Jones was a native of Macon and was about 61 years of age.  She was a lady of gentle and lovable character.

She leaves three daughters:  Mrs. W. R. Cox, Mrs. Claud Estes and Miss Eva Jones.  The late Mrs. W. W. Collins was also her daughter.

The funeral will be held from the family residence on Georgia avenue at 10 o'clock this morning.

Using tombstones and obituaries, here are the daughters as I know them:

  • Laura Jones (d. 5 October 1855)
  • Florence Jones (1856-1884)
  • Eva Blanche Jones (1858-1933)
  • Nannie Jones Estes (1865-1935)
  • Mrs. W. R. Cox
  • Mrs. W. W. Collins (d. bef. 1891)

Good luck keeping up with the Joneses!

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