24 September 2016

The Flowers of Rhetoric are Ill-Suited to the Draperies of the Tomb: Death of Miss Florence Jones

FlorenceJonesobitFlorence was born 10 November 1856 to Col. John E. and Arabella O. Jones.  According to a death notice that appeared in the 26 March 1884 Macon Telegraph (Georgia),
In early life she was bright and cheerful, and the future looked brilliant with hope and happiness, but for many years she had been the child of affliction and suffering, which in their turn wrought in her the peaceable fruits of happiness.
Miss Florence died "On Sunday, March 23d, 1884, at a quarter before 10 o'clock a.m." Her beautifully written obituary follows:

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
25 March 1884 -- pg. 5 [via GenealogyBank]
Death of Miss Florence Jones.
After a lingering illness, Miss Florence Jones, daughter of Colonel John E. Jones, died at her home Saturday evening.  The simple announcement of the death of a loved one, the bare record of a fate that robs the family circle of a cherished ornament, is under any circumstances a dismal duty; but more peculiarly sad and touching does it become when the victim is one of such sweet character and gentle demeanor as was the young lady in this instance.  We know how vain it is to gild a grief with words.  The sorrow of the heart cannot be diminished or otherwise affected by either the elegance or eloquence of love's obituaries.  The flowers of rhetoric are ill-suited to the draperies of the tomb.  But in this instance the many friends of the young lady and the family unite in extending to the stricken ones all the sympathy at their command.  Her death will be regretted and her presence missed by a large circle of acquaintances who rejoiced to name her as a friend.

Her funeral took place yesterday afternoon from the residence of Colonel Jones, on the Hill…
Florence Jones (1856-1884). Original image by James Allen.

Patient in suffering and firm in faith,
she has entered into the peace of God,
which passeth understanding.


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