01 September 2009

First Interment in Rose Hill Cemetery (Tombstone Tuesday)

On a tip from Mr. John Davis, I've begun rooting around in the life of Mr. Alexander McGregor, buried in the Central Avenue Division of Rose Hill. While visiting his gravesite today, I discovered Mr. McGregor was buried on the same lot as Caroline Wilson, the first interment in Rose Hill. A little subsequent research suggests Mrs. Wilson was Alexander McGregor's sister. I think the more accurate relationship is sister-in-law, but I will have to keep researching to be sure.

Caroline Wilson
Born Baldwin County, GA
Died Bibb County, GA
Feb 28, 1840
Age 30 Years
Wife of Col. David F. Wilson
First Interment In Rose Hill Cemetery

The Middle Georgia Historical Society's Rose Hill Rambles state this above ground vault was rebuilt many years ago, using all original bricks.

I am working on a sketch of Mr. Alexander McGregor, and will post as soon as completed.

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