09 September 2009

Alexander McGregor Died 153 Years Ago Today

Alexr McGregor
Born in Anson County, North Carolina
Nov 7th, 1790
Died Sept 9th, 1856
Aged 65 y'rs & 10 months

I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness - Psalm XVII, 15 vr.

A tribute of greatful and
affectionate rememberance,
from his Wife and Children.

Online family group sheets suggest Alexander was the son of William and Nancy McGregor. He married Elizabeth Danielly 20 June 1820 in Baldwin County, Georgia, and they had two sons -- John Arthur and Richard. Elizabeth died in 1840 and was laid to rest in the Rose Hill Cemetery Central Avenue Division plot purchased by Alexander. Two years later he married Mary Augusta Heath on 23 February 1842 in Bibb County, Georgia. They had one son, Alexander S.

Alexander McGregor, a carpenter and a "most industrious mechanic," was one of the earliest settlers of Macon. He was very much involved in the building of the city. Alexander was one of the first city commissioners and was elected "pump connector," one responsible for keeping city water pumps repaired. He also built the first framed building west of the Ocmulgee River.

Alexander was a 2nd Sergeant in the "Macon Volunteers," an 1820's Georgia militia unit.

In November 1826, Alexander McGregor and Daniel Pratt completed building the first bridge across the Ocmulgee River. It was known as a superstructure, and the stone pillars remained many years after Alexander's death.

In the 1830's and 1840's, Alexander was elected Principal Marshal of the city. Early Macon newspapers detail some of his duties and arrests.

Alexander McGregor was also noted in an 1850 edition of the Macon Telegraph as a builder of the famed Lanier House, a hotel operated by Sterling Lanier.

The death of Alexander McGregor was reported in the 23 September 1856 Macon Weekly Telegraph:

In this city, on the 9th inst., of Billious Cholic, Mr. Alexander McGregor, aged about 66 years. He was among the earliest settlers of this city, and erected the first framed building west of the Ocmulgee, and the first bridge over that river. Through life, was one of the best, and most industrious mechanics of the city."

I will not go into detail here, but suffice it to say Mr. McGregor's death was unpleasant. Bilious Colic is a dangerous disease filled with "atrocious" pain. I hope Alexander's suffering was short, and I hope he is resting in peace.

Also buried in the plot of Alexander McGregor was his sister-in-law, Caroline Danielly Wilson, the first to be interred in Rose Hill Cemetery. A great-granddaughter, Kathleen McGregor Dure (once wife of Leon S. Dure), was laid to rest there as well.
[Sources for this post include census records, tombstone transcriptions, notes from fellow researchers, marriage record databases, online family trees, newspaper articles, obituaries, books detailing the history of Macon, and online medical information.  Specifics available upon request.]


  1. An ancestor of mine - thanks for the write-up!

  2. You are quite welcome. Thanks for the visit and comment! :-)

  3. By the way, thanks to Mr. John Davis for guiding me toward Mr. McGregor!

  4. My ancestor, too! I was able to visit Rose Hill for the first time last weekend- Thanks!

  5. Anonymous is my daughter and it was a very rewarding experience for the family. Alexander is my great-great-great grandfather and I have been unable to trace his parents. Thanks for the information


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