25 August 2009

Jacob Dinkler, Confectioner

Jacob Dinkler
Died Oct 5, 1897
In His 76th Year

Eglantine Square

Yesterday, I introduced you to Louis J. Dinkler, a baker turned hotel baron. Today, I would like you to meet his business teacher and father, Jacob Dinkler.

According to census records and his tombstone inscription, Jacob was born between 1821 and 1826 in Bavaria. He emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1855. He was married to Josephine, and they had two sons.

Jacob was a confectioner. Sometimes called a candymaker, a confectioner is a maker of confections (fancy, sweet foods). He was a craftsman who was determined "not to be surpassed."

Jacob had a bakery and "ice cream saloon" on Cherry Street in Macon. While I can still walk that same street today, I wish I could go back in time to visit the bakery of Mr. Dinkler and taste some of his sweet treats!

Here are a couple of 1860-1861 advertisements for Mr. Jacob Dinkler and his line of confections:


FOR the past six years engaged with Henry Horne, Esq., in the baking business, would respectfully inform the citizens of Macon, and surrounding country, that he has opened, on Cherry street, below the Georgia Telegraph Office, and next door to W. T. Nelson's, a Cake Bakery and Confectionary.

Persons may rely on finding a good assortment of Cakes, gotten up in the best style of the culinary art, and of the best material. He is determined not to be surpassed.

Parties furnished at short notice. A share of public patronage solicited...J. DINKLER
Macon, Sept 5, 1860"

As good as the BEST will always be found at the
Ice Cream Saloon of Jacob Dinkler,

EXCELLENT ICE CREAM furnished at all hours of the day and evening. Also Cakes, confectionaries and everything in my line will be furnished at moderate prices to Ladies, Excursion parties, Pic Nics, Weddings, &c., &c.

Give me a trial if you wish to be satisfied...JACOB DINKLER"

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