23 August 2009

In Memoriam: Mary Waggenstein Resigned Her Pure Soul to God

Mary Waggenstein
May 16, 1833
Dec 29, 1884

Eglantine Square

11 January 1885
Macon Weekly Telegraph
"In Memoriam
Died, in Macon, Ga, Monday, December 29, 1884, Mrs. Mary Waggenstein, a native of Hesse Darmstadt, in the fifty second year of her age.

After a life of love filled with kindness and charity to all, our noble hearted friend resigned her pure soul to God. She was not sick long, for our Heavenly Father knew she was always ready to go.

Our hearts are bowed in sorrow at our loss, and it will be hard, very hard, for us never again to see her noble face on earth.

The great comfort and consolation of her grief stricken husband, children, sister and friends is that she has exchanged her cross for a crown.

When on earth she loved us so dearly and spent all of her life in ministering to our wants and cheering us in our sorrows, then how much more will she not think of us when enjoying eternal bliss.

Our loss is her great gain, and we will not be so selfish as to wish her back to the work and cares of this world. We must be resigned to the holy will of God. He knows what is best for us and we must pray to meet her in our heavenly home, where the sorrow of parting is not known, and pray that at the close of out life, our hands and hearts may be filled with good works and deeds, like hers. Farewell kind friend, we had to part on earth, we will meet in heaven... A FRIEND"

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