23 November 2016

Children of Simri & Lavinia Rose (Wednesday's Child x 3)

Three children of Simri and Lavinia Rose.  This stone can be found in the Magnolia Ridge section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

Rose Hill - Aug 2013

Virginia Caroline
Born July 1st, 1831
Died Mar 10th, 1833

Caroline Georgia
Born Apr 4th, 1833
Died Oct 22d, 1833

Augustus Beall
Born June 26th, 1834
Died Feb'y 4th, 1836

They bloom in Heaven.

Notice Virginia Caroline died less than a month before the birth of Caroline Georgia.  Unless remains were moved from another location, this is likely not the site of their burial.  This lot was purchased by Simri Rose in 1840.


As buds of earth born flowers
came they forth.

And were cut down.

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