19 July 2013

Death of the (1887) Grand Treasurer of the Masons


Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
15 December 1887, pg. 8
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Joseph E. Wells (1812-1887)
Photo by James Allen
Burial at Rose Hill by the Grand Lodge of Masons.
The funeral of the late Joseph E. Wells occurred yesterday afternoon.

Shortly before 2 o'clock the grand lodge of Masons, of which Mr. Wells had been treasurer for over forty years, was escorted by Macon Lodge No. 5 and St. Omer Commandery, No. 2, Knights Templar, from the grand lodge building to the late residence of the deceased on Second street, and thence to the First Presbyterian church.

As the doors were opened Beethoven's funeral march was played on the organ by Mrs. S. A. C. Everett, and Revs. W. B. Jennings, pastor of the church, and Robert Adams, pastor of the Second Presbyterian church, walked slowly down the aisle to the pulpit. Following them were the elders of the church, Dr. P. H. Wright, Dr. J. P. Stevens, Judge Clifford Anderson, Judge John J. Gresham and Mr. E. H. Link. Then came the pall bearers, George B. Turpin, T. L. Massenburg, Jas. Boon, John G. Deitz, C. M. Wiley and Geo S. Obear, bearing the casket. Then came the grand lodge, Macon lodge and the Knights Templar, and following them were the members of the bereaved family.

After a prayer by Mr. Adams, Mr. Jennings read a selection from the Bible -- 1st Corinthians, 15th chapter, and then was sung the hymn beginning:
Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to weep,
A calm and undisturbed repose
Unbroken by the last of foes.
Mr. Jennings took for his text the 18th verse of the 28th chapter of Matthew: "And Jesus came and spake unto them saying, All power is given unto Me in Heaven and in earth." Then in a brief sermon he alluded most touchingly to the life of the deceased and of his connection with the church.

The 330th hymn was then sung, and after a prayer, the pastor announced that the services would be concluded at the grave.

The large congregation arose as the remains were taken away by the Masons. The procession wended its way to Rose Hill, where the beautiful and impressive Masonic services were conducted by Hon. John S. Davidson, of Augusta.

The music at the church was rendered by Mrs. DeJarnette, Miss Brooks and Messrs. Irvine and Everett.

The following members of the grand lodge were present and officiated in the burial service:

Hon. John S. Davidson, grand master, Augusta; George W. Adams, deputy grand master, Forsyth; Charles E. Damour, grand senior warden, Macon; Charles R. Armstrong, grand junior warden, Eastman; Rev. James R. Winchester, grand chaplain, Macon; C. T. Latimer, grand treasurer, Eastman; A. M. Wolihin, grand secretary, Macon; E. B. Roger, grand senior deacon, Gibson; W. B. Daniel, grand junior deacon, Macon; George S. Dasher, grand marshal, Macon; J. T. Colcord, first grand steward, Eastman; C. Masterson, second grand steward, Macon; W. W. Solomon, third grand steward, Macon; Charles H. Freeman, grand tyler, Macon.

The grand commandery of Knights Templar was represented by Sir Knight Thomas W. Chandler, of Atlanta, past grand commander of Georgia. -- Macon Telegraph.

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