06 December 2011

Honoring a Little Boy's Dream (Tombstone Tuesday)

When John Ross Juhan was a little boy, his dream was to one day become a fireman. He even attached himself as a mascot to Defiance Fire Company No. 5. Unfortunately, young John never got the chance to obtain his dream. His short life ended on 26 July 1875 at the age of just 8 years. The headstone placed for John Juhan was sculpted by J. Artope of Macon and depicts a fireman's hat, belt, and coat.

John B. Ross
Son Of W. A. & E. J. Juhan
Died July 26, 1875
Age 8 Years, 4 Months & 16 Days

Was A Brave Little Fireman
Attached To Defiance Fire Co. No. 5 

John was the son of W. A. (1827-1893) and Elizabeth Jane (1837-1901) Juhan. The family rests in the Eglantine Square section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

This stone is a community favorite and is often pointed out on Rose Hill Rambles.

Photos © 2011 S. Lincecum.


  1. Thanks for the new post. I was getting worried cause it had been a while. Do we know how the little guy died?

  2. I wish I did, but no. I poked around a bit for an obituary, but haven't found anything yet.

  3. Saw this last weekend and someone has cleaned it up. It's beautiful


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