16 August 2010

Little Child Found in a Lake

Macon Telegraph, Georgia
27 April 1902
(Viewed online at GenealogyBank.)


Hanson Etheridge, the Little Son of Mrs. Dr. Etheridge, Has Narrow Escape From Death.

Little Hanson Etheridge, the 6-year-old son of Mrs. J. A. Etheridge, was found in the lake at Rose Hill cemetery yesterday afternoon, settling on the bottom to rise no more, the water being over his head. He was practically drowned when discovered, but he was drawn our of the water, and after a little more than a gallon of water had been shaken out of him signs of life returned, and he was sent home to his mother, where, at last accounts, he seemed safe from danger.

The little fellow was at the cemetery in charge of a friend of Mrs. Etheridge, and he got away from his party and strayed down to the lake. He was tempted by the wall around the lake, and he mounted this to walk on it, and lost his balance. Mr. J. S. McMurray happened to walk by the lake, crossing the ravine, and saw the little fellow's body settling towards the bottom, and he lost no time in dragging it out and calling for help.

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  1. Wonder whatever happened to this guy...


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