06 July 2009

Leon S. Dure, Banking and Investments

Leon Sebring Dure was born 8 October 1874 in Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia to George Augustus Dure and Julia Kendrick. On 26 July 1906, Leon married Miss Kathleen McGregor in Christ Episcopal Church in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. Leon and Kathleen had at least two children, Leon Sebring, Jr. and Mary, before divorcing about 1916. Leon, Sr. died 10 January 1948. He was laid to rest in the Geo. A. Dure family plot in the Cabiness Ridge section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

Mr. Dure was a serious businessman in the early 1900's in Macon. He was a banker, investor, and real estate developer. He owned rental homes, hotels, storefronts, and apartments. He dealt with stocks, bonds, and mortgages. He also bought and sold companies in financial distress. At one point, he was even in partnership with his nephew in an insurance company -- Dure & Coburn. Leon was also on many local boards and committees. He even held small political offices. As written about in a previous post, Leon owned a farm simply because he wanted to. A newsman described it as his "toy" farm. I wonder if he could be considered the Donald Trump of early 1900's Macon? I did not come across any mention in the local newspaper as to how much he was "worth," but his home was described at large and elegant, and his wife and children vacationed in Paris.

However, Mr. Dure does not rest under a large, elaborate, or decorative tombstone. He has a simple granite ledger marker with an inscription that includes his name, birth date, and death date.

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