09 March 2009

Monday Movie: DURE Family Plot

DURE Family Plot
Cabiness Ridge, Rose Hill Cemetery
Macon, Bibb County, Georgia

Capt. Geo. A. Dure obtained his family plot prior to the death of his son-in-law Glen B. Jennings in 1888.

Burials in the DURE Family Plot:

Birdsey, Mary Dure
Cherry, Emma Dure
Cherry, George R.
Coburn, Anna Estelle Dure
Coburn, Frank Augustus
Coburn, Frank Dure
Dure, Carrie Sewell
Dure, George A.
Dure, George P.
Dure, Julia Kendrick
Dure, Leon Seabring
Dure, Nela
Ferree, Harry Grant
Ferree, Lillie Dure
Jennings, Evelyn Cherry
Jennings, Glen B.
Kendrick, Ann M.

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