14 January 2013

Can't Leave Thad Alone

Found a few more bits of information about Thad Sheehan. Nothing that would qualify as "insane" characteristics, however. Seems he liked to collect old things -- my kind of guy!

City Items Tersely Told
Old firemanic tournaments will be recalled by perusal of the following words printed on a red badge: "Stonewall Hose Company, Firemanic Tournament, Griffin, July 4, 1889." Thad Sheehan once lived in Griffin, and a few days ago found the badge in the fold of some old papers. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 2 December 1906, pg. 5]

Short Stories of the Town
Talking about curios, Thad Sheehan has a walnut plank taken from old Ralston Hall 50 years ago. It is about four feet long, one inch thick and eight inches wide. It was in possession of a member of the Doody family for many years. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia) 13 February 1907, pg. 2]

I found Thad in the Macon City Directory for the years 1904 - 1906 as well as 1908 and 1909. The occupation listed the year of his death was "collr" (collector).

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