25 June 2013

Thomas Becomes Editor of the Enquirer-Sun (Georgia Editor Dead, Pt. 3)

Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)
22 March 1926, pg. 2 (continued)

"...Editor of Enquirer-Sun.
The latter part of 1919 Mr. Loyless sold his holdings in The Chronicle to Thomas J. Hamilton, present editor of the paper, and he went to Columbus in company with Julian Harris, son of Joel Chandler Harris, of "Uncle Remus" fame, where he was associated in the publication of The Enquirer-Sun of that city. Mr. Loyless continued as editor of that paper for some time, being forced out of active newspaper work on account of ill health and he turned his attention to developing the Warm Springs resort, which he felt sure was one of great curative worth, and he did much work there, later doing a limited amount of journalistic work, notably for The Macon Telegraph, until ill health finally compelled him to quit entirely.

A Forceful Writer.
Mr. Loyless was regarded as a forceful and convincing writer, always interesting, analytical, informative and dependable. His genius as a reporter and his ability to put over a scoop were first demonstrated while he worked as a reporter on the Macon News, when he, a country boy, was sent to cover the Woolfolk hanging at Perry. Woolfolk had been convicted of killing his family of nine people with an axe, and interest in the tragedy kept the state on ear. It was highly important, in Loyless' opinion, that his newspaper should get the story first, and as there was only one telegraph wire or means of communication with Macon, he handed a Bible to the operator and told him to start at Genesis and seep sending until he should be stopped by Loyless. In the meantime, Loyless prepared his news story and got it far enough along to make sure he could keep his private operator busy. No other newspaper man had any outlet for his story and Loyless had the exclusive beat for the state and he was only a country boy.

Mr. Loyless' last newspaper connection was with the Macon Telegraph last year, he conducting an independent column until he became too weak to keep up the work."

Thomas W. Loyless
July 27, 1870 - Mar. 21, 1926
Remains Resting at Rose Hill Cemetery.

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