20 June 2013

How Mr. Andrew Kennedy Saved the Sandersville Hotel

Andrew William Kennedy was born 4 December 1851 in Georgia. Census records suggest his parents were both born in Pennsylvania. I found an interesting item relating to Mr. Kennedy in the 10 May 1888 Macon Telegraph (Georgia):

How Mr. Andrew Kennedy Saved the Sandersville Hotel.

Mr. Andrew W. Kennedy was seen at the union depot yesterday prior to leaving prior to a trip down the road. His moustache was gone, and his left eyebrow had been nearly singed off. He showed several bad places on his face and arms caused by burns received at the fire of last Friday night which laid so much of Sandersville in ashes.

The fire occurred shortly before twelve o'clock. Mr. Kennedy and his family were in the hotel, and on being aroused he dressed hurriedly and went out. He saw that there was a two-story house between the fire and the hotel, and in order to save the caravansary the flames must be deprived of fuel before reaching it. To do this he thought of blowing up the house. Mr. Pringle, of Sandersville, secured two kegs of powder and these were placed in the building. They had no fuse and they concluded to make a train of powder to be set off. Mr. Kennedy then secured a brand from the burning house next door and threw it into the door of the house to be blown up. On securing the brand he saw that he did not have a moment to spare as the flames were gradually and greedily coming nearer and nearer. He took the torch and threw it into the door. The great volume of smoke that followed the explosion burnt his face and singed his moustache. The hotel was saved at the expense of the building next door.

Andrew has made himself solid with the people of that section for saving the hotel.

It is hoped that he will soon be entirely recovered from his injuries.
Andrew William Kennedy
Dec 4, 1851
July 24, 1920

Mr. Andrew Kennedy rests in Rose Hill Cemetery next to his wife, Meta Agnes Kennedy (1854-1899).

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
26 July 1920, pg. 9

Funeral services for Andrew W. Kennedy, aged 68 years, who died at the Summer cottage of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Loyless, at Warm Springs, Saturday, July 24, at 4:15 o'clock, were held yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock from St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rev. Father W. A. Wilkinson officiating. Interment was in Rose Hill Cemetery. The following acted as pallbearers: R. L. McKenney, Harry Wright, M. J. Callaghan, A. D. Daly, E. A. Sheridan and W. P. Bennett.

Mr. Kennedy is survived by the following children, William E., A. M. and I. L. Kennedy, and was a step-father of Mrs. T. W. Loyless.

The local council Knights of Columbus turned out in a body to escort the body to the cemetery.

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