20 July 2016

Yankees Killed Aleck A. Menard?

menard20690phAlexander Ambrose Menard, a well-known druggist about the city of Macon, was born between 1828 and 1830 in Georgia to S. and Victorine Menard.  He joined the Jackson Artillery of Bibb County and is listed on an 1861 muster roll of this, Capt. Dure's Company, at the age of 31.  But it was something that happened after the Civil War that perhaps followed, even hastened, Aleck to his grave. (Image at right by James Allen.)

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
23 March 1881 -- pg. 1 [via GenealogyBank]

Death of A. A. Menard, Esq.
The many friends and acquaintances in Macon of Mr. Aleck Menard were surprised to hear of his death, which occurred yesterday afternoon, very suddenly, about 3:30, at his residence in this city.

Congestion of the brain is thought to have been the immediate cause of his death, produced from the effects of a blow given Mr. Menard on the head shortly after the war.  When he was in Albany, Georgia, and while standing by, having nothing to do with a fight in which Yankee soldiers were engaged four of the soldiers attacked Mr. Menard, one of whom gave him a severe blow with a gun on the head.  Mr. Menard has frequently suffered from the effects of this blow, and his death is supposed to have resulted finally from this, though he has been more or less unwell for several months past.

Mr. Menard was out on the streets Monday, but became indisposed that night, and Tuesday morning grew worse, when about noon he was taken seriously ill, physicians sent for, and he gradually became weaker and, and in the afternoon about 3:30 o'clock calmly died.

Perhaps Mr. Menard was as well known as any man in Macon, where he has followed the drug business long years, and had a retail drug store on Fourth street at the time of his demise.  He was a genial gentleman and will be sadly missed.  He leaves a wife and family.  His sons, Messrs.  Victor and Robert Menard have a large circle of acquaintances.  We understand that the funeral will not be held until the arrival of Mr. Robert Menard from Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he is engaged in business.

I would like to point out, though you probably already noticed, the death year on Mr. Menard's ledger marker pictured above is incorrect.  It should be 1881, not 1885.  Aleck rests in the Central Avenue Division of Rose Hill Cemetery -- A precious memory.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. My family has roots in Macon, Georgia. I am researching and writing a family history/memoirs book at the present time. I read blogs and other info to keep me inspired and also because I love genealogy and history. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy! Good luck with your book!


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