14 July 2016

Every Eye Grows Dim with Sickening Tears: Obituary for Ida Gertrude Nelson Shinholser

Ida, born about 1856 in Georgia, was a daughter of William T. and Gertrude Nelson.  A book of deaths from Christ Church in Macon shows Ida Shinholser was laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery.  I think her grave might be unmarked.

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
25 January 1880 – pg. 4 [via GenealogyBank]


Ida Gertrude Nelson, wife of W. T. Shinholser, departed this life on the 7th instant, aged 23 years, 11 months, and 24 days.  She left a husband, three children, the youngest an infant eight days old, and numerous relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

O Earth, how many bright ones
Are in thy bosom laid !
How many kindred spirits
Now seek their home in thy dark caverns.
Death, thou dost find thy victims
Amongst earth's rarest and most gifted children,
And now thou hast taken ONE
Who budded forth so fair, so beautiful,
So full of taste and talent, joy and love,
That every heart sinks at the sudden, awful change,
And every eye grows dim with sickening tears.
Oh, who can tell the woe, the anguish that reigns
Where she lived, in all the pride of womanhood,
The beloved wife?
But oh, remember, in this trying hour,
That He who gave has taken away;
That He has claimed His own,
Which, but for a little time, He lent to us.
Bless we His name.
And while our hearts, in deepest woe,
Feel the full agony of this His act,
Bend them, though they should break.
To His most mighty will;
Then will the light burst forth;
Then will the darkness disappear;
And He, while on earth did raise the dead,
Shall, in the resurrection,
Raise our Ida.

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