24 April 2013

He Is Slightly Better (but He Died a Few Days Later)

E. C. Granniss Family Plot
Rose Hill Cemetery, Macon, Georgia
Photo © 2009-2013 S. Lincecum
Ebenezer C. Granniss was born 21 February 1817 at East Haven, Connecticut. During his 73rd year, E. C. became gravely ill with influenza...

Judge Granniss Critically Ill But Thought to be Improving.

Judge E. C. Granniss is still quite low with influenza, but his physician, Dr. K. P. Moore, reported a slight change for the better in his condition last night.

His son, Dr. Horace M. Granniss, who now resides in Orlando, Fla., arrived in Macon on the East Tennessee road at 4:30 o'clock yesterday evening in response to a telegram sent the day before. He was almost ill himself with a chronic headache, which was by no means helped by the long night ride and the anxiety felt for his father's condition. Dr. Granniss has been absent from Macon for many years, although he has occasionally visited the city since making his home in Florida. He was much surprised at the great growth made by the city since he was here last.

Judge Granniss has been a citizen of Macon for forty-three years, during which time he has lived in the same comfortable home on Oak street which he now occupies. He has hosts of friends here who sincerely hope for his early recovery. [Macon Telegraph (Georgia), 22 February 1890, pg. 6]
...but he did not recover and died a few days later on 25 February 1890. He and his family rest in the Eglantine Square Section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

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