09 April 2013

He Came Out of the West (Paging Dr. Marvin, Pt 2)

Some new (to me) information has come to light about the late Dr. George W. Marvin, who passed away in the summer of 1892. To get a somewhat quick overview of the beginnings of this strange story, you may wish to read the post that started it all. Anyway, it seems Dr. Marvin's "unrest" lived on even after he was finally buried. Take a gander at these headlines from an article in the 26 April 1894 edition of Atlanta, Georgia's Constitution. This was only a few months after his early morning burial in Rose Hill cemetery, mind you.


Mrs. Bivens Repudiates a Man Who Would Call Her Mamma.


He Claims That Dr. Marvin Was His Father and Wants a Share of His Large and Valuable Estate.

The first paragraph lays it all out:
A rare sensation was sprung on Cordele this morning. Mrs. James Bivens, who was the celebrated widow of Dr. George W. Marvin until recently, when she was wedded to Mr. Bivens, has been sued by Francis G. Marvin for a child's part of the estate of Dr. Marvin. Mr. Marvin, the plaintiff in the suit, alleges that he is the son of Dr. Marvin by a former wife. He sets out that Dr. Marvin was divorced from his mother in 1872, and that she had been legally married to him some years before that event. He says that he is a farmer in Nebraska, and is twenty-seven years old. He heard of Dr. Marvin's death sometime ago but has not had the money until recently with which to make the trip to Georgia...
Response from the Bivens camp: "There is no living child of Dr. Marvin. This is only a continuation of the efforts which have heretofore been made to get a part of the estate...Other parties threatened to produce a will, but the threat was never executed. It will do no one any good to make the attempts as we will fight them every time..."

It took a few years, but a judgement would be reached. Along with it came a resurrection of Dr. Marvin's history and his "checkered career." Stay tuned for the whole sordid saga.

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