26 January 2010

Aunt Etta's & Uncle Henry's Interesting Dates (Tombstone Tuesday)

Unfortunately, I do not yet have bios for Aunt Etta and Uncle Henry, but dates on their tombstones allude to a sad occasion.

Henry L. Fields
July 3, 1860
July 16, 1894

Etta Mae Fields
July 16, 1869
June 25, 1904

As you can see, according to these dates, Henry died on Etta's 25th birthday. It might also be interesting to note both Henry and Etta died at the age of 34.

They were both laid to rest in the Eglantine Square section of Rose Hill Cemetery.


  1. How sad. I would be interested in know the whole story.

  2. Hi there,

    On July 16th, 1894 in Macon, GA, Henry L. Fields was shot and killed by a former business partner. Fields had sold his share of their grocery store/bar to William H. Jones. When Jones failed to pay on time, a dispute ensued.

    Macon Telegraph, Jul. 17, 1894 -- page 6
    via cdm.sos.state.ga.us/

    I ran across it while looking for relatives of my husband. I haven't conclusively placed this Henry into my husband's line (there are a lot of Henrys and several born around the same time). However, he did have a cousin line that moved from Jefferson County, GA to Albany mid-1800s. This Henry is said to have been from Albany, GA per the above newspaper article.


  3. PS: His killer died on Aug. 19, 1894 in prison while awaiting trial.

    Macon Telegraph, Aug. 20, 1894 -- page 6


  4. Thanks for the information, Tara! I'll check it out.


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