27 January 2010

Possible Identification of Non-Identifieds in the M. A. Daniel Lot

The M. A. Daniel Lot is located in Eglantine Square. This is where Annibel Lamar Phelts (28 June 1880 - 7 May 1924) and her mother Emma Carter Phelts (10 June 1857 - 7 Jan 1939) were laid to rest. Emma Carter Phelts was the daughter of Chestley C. and Ann Daniel. Emma married R. H. Phelts and was a dress maker. Annibel was a school teacher in the early 1900's at a south Macon school. She never married.

While searching records for Annibel and Emma, I came across an interesting entry for the 1900 U.S. Federal Census. Emma and Annibel were listed with Sarah A. Moulthrop, who was living at 1070 Walnut Street. Sarah was Emma's sister. Another sister, Isabella V., was also listed. All three sisters were widows. For some reason, I felt compelled to learn more about these three widowed women.

While visiting the RoseHillCemetery.org website, I performed a search on the M. A. Daniel Lot and found there were 5 additonal individuals buried there. One was C. C. Daniel, died 23 November 1869. Census records suggest this is Chestley C. Daniel, the father of Emma, Sarah, and Isabella. The four others buried in the lot were listed as non-identified.

I also performed a search using the surnames of Moulthrop and Woodward. While nothing came up for Moulthrop, an entry for Mrs. I. V. Woodward was discovered. She was laid to rest in Rose Hill 9 December 1901. Her burial location within the cemetery, however, is unknown.

Since all three sisters were living together in 1900, I suggest to you that one of the non-identified in the M. A. Daniel Lot in Eglantine Square is Mrs. Isabella Virginia (Daniel) Woodward. She was the wife of Dr. J. J. Woodward, and seems to have been widowed as early as 1870.

For more information as to how I arrived at this conclusion, as well as more information about the sisters, please visit my post at the Southern Graves blog -- 3 Widowed Sisters Take Me from Macon, Georgia to Eufaula, Alabama.

Another burial in Rose Hill with an unkown location is Anna Daniel, interred 18 July 1913. This is possibly Chestley's wife, and another of the non-identified in the M. A. Daniel Lot.

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