08 July 2018

Children of Joseph W. Cabaniss and Emily "Emie" Winship

As reported in this space previously, Joseph Warren Cabaniss (d. 1916) married Emily L. "Emie" Winship (d. 1908) 12 November 1868 at Griffin, Spalding County, Georgia. They soon after relocated to Macon in Bibb County.

According to the 1900 Federal census, Emie had eight children. Six of them were living. Rose Hill Cemetery records show an "infant of J. H. and Mrs. E. Cabiness" was interred there February 1874. Incorrect lettering aside, I believe this to be a child of Joseph and Emie. If there was an additional child that didn't survive long, he or she was also likely buried at Rose Hill. The six children to make it to adulthood follow:

cabaniss16228ph- Isaac Winship Cabaniss, most often known by his middle name, was born 31 August 1871 at Macon. By his late twenties, Winship was in the fire insurance business. In 1908, he was occupied as the vice-president of Equitable Banking & Loan Company and residing at the family home on Georgia Avenue. When the census was again taken two years later, after the financial fall of his father, Winship was noted as a farmer of a general farm in Monroe County. By 1920, he was in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan with an occupation of sales executive and office worker. In September of that same year, in Lucas County, Ohio, a 49-year-old Winship was married to an Ontario-born widow named Gladys Elizabeth McMinn (nee James). As best I can tell, this was his first and only marriage. Gladys was dead before the 1930 census was taken. That record showed Winston was "resident & owner" of a $25,000 home at 973 Merrick Avenue in Detroit. A family of four was also residing there as his tenants. By 1935, Winston had moved south to Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. He died there 30 July 1944, and his body was brought back to Macon for interment in Rose Hill Cemetery.

cabaniss16231ph- Lila Peeples Cabaniss was born 15 January 1875 in Georgia (most likely at Macon). She never married, and  usually resided with family. After her father died in 1916, Lila remained in the family home at 313 Orange Street. Macon city directories for 1954 and 1956 provide an address of 273 Orange Street, but I'm not sure Lila really moved. According to the Georgia Death Index at Ancestry, she died 14 March 1969 at Twiggs County. Burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery at Macon.

- Joseph W. Cabaniss, Jr. was born 14 January 1878 in Georgia (most likely at Macon), and died 19 April 1903 at El Paso, Texas. A funeral notice from the 29 April 1903 Macon Telegraph [via "Georgia Historic Newspapers"]:


Will Be Held Today at the Family Residence -- A Promising Career Cut Short by Death's Call.

The remains of Joseph W. Cabaniss, Jr., arrived in this city yesterday at 2:30 o'clock, from El Paso, Texas. The funeral services will be held at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cabaniss, 313 Orange street, at 3 o'clock today. Rev. J. L. White will officiate, assisted by Rev. W. N. Ainsworth. The interment will be at Rose Hill cemetery.

Jos. W. Cabaniss, Jr., after a course in the public schools of Macon, in Mercer University, the Virginia Military Institute, Columbia College, Jefferson Medical College and Bellevue, was assigned as house surgeon at St. Vincent.

He contracted, during his medical experience, tuberculosis, and was forced to abandon his career and seek health in the higher latitudes of Colorado. After a year in Colorado, he went to Mexico with his mother and spent four months in travel. On his return to El Paso, Texas, after a severe attack of illness, he suddenly passed away.

He was a young man of exceptional talent, in disposition warm-hearted and affectionate, and had he escaped the fatal disease which suspended his career, would have made an enviable reputation. He died at the age of twenty-six, in the spring of his youth, and promise of a useful life.

During the last illness of Mr. Cabaniss, he had the consolation of his mother's presence. Frail herself, she attended him with the devotion that belongs to motherhood only, and is today prostrated by the trials which she has undergone.

cunningh16997ph- Emily Winship Cabaniss was born 9 January 1880 in Georgia (most likely at Macon). She married Dr. Frank M. Cunningham 25 April 1906 at Bibb County, and the couple had a daughter named Emily (1907-2003). Frank died 21 June 1914 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cause was "hemorage [sic] into the spleen secondary to myelogenous lukemia" (which he'd been diagnosed with five years prior). Portion of funeral recap from 25 June 1914 Macon Telegraph [via GenealogyBank]:


Attended by a host of sorrowing friends and relatives, the funeral of Dr. Frank M. Cunningham, whose death occurred in Philadelphia Sunday, was held yesterday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock from Christ Episcopal church...The church was filled to overflowing and hundreds of people were turned away, not being able to get room inside.

All classes of people were represented at the funeral -- the rich and the poor, those who had been befriended by Dr. Cunningham in time of trouble, those who had received treatment when Dr. Cunningham expected no financial return, and those for whom he had made sacrifices, when his body was racked by pain...The body was interred with Masonic honors at Rose Hill cemetery…

After the death of her husband, Emily had to become a career woman. In 1920, she was occupied as a manager in the "welfare work" industry, and she was hostess at a tea room in 1930 – all the while residing at the Cabaniss family home on Orange Street. Emily died on Christmas Day, 1962. Burial was at Rose Hill Cemetery.

cabaniss16225ph- Elbridge Gerry Cabaniss was born on Christmas Day, 1883 in Georgia (most likely at Macon). He spent his late twenties to late thirties as a fruit farmer, but by his late forties had moved on to being a salesman for a filling station. He seemed to stay in that occupation until at least the mid-1950s. Elbridge married Martha Jewett Williams (1885-1933) 22 March 1911 at Bibb County. The couple had at least one child, Kittie J. According to the aforementioned Georgia Death Index, Elbridge died 24 August 1963 at Jones County. Burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery at Macon.

- Emory Winship Cabaniss was born 3 February 1890 at Macon. For his World War I draft registration, Emory was described as tall and slender, with brown hair and brown eyes. He was most often occupied in an office of an electric company: in 1910, he was a stenographer for a power company in Bibb County; in 1917, he was a secretary for the Macon Railway & Light Company; in 1920, he was a stenographer for a gas and electric light company at Kenton County, Kentucky; in 1924, he was again secretary for the Macon Railway & Light Company; and (finally) in 1930, he was a paymaster for a power company in Charleston, South Carolina. Emory married Sarah Zeta Adams (d. 1974) 5 May 1917 at Bibb County, Georgia, and the couple had at least one son. Emory died of lung cancer 11 December 1949 at Charleston, South Carolina. Burial was in Rose Hill Cemetery at Macon.

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