30 January 2014

Another M. Muldoon & Co. Monument

As I continue the painstaking task of entering all of my Rose Hill Cemetery information into one central database (I'm up over 1,200!), I came across this quick little tidbit and thought to share.

Some of you might be readers of my Southern Graves blog (thank-you!). A post from June 2012 describes and shows the work of marble cutter Michael Muldoon. While his American shop was based out of Louisville, Kentucky, he had a studio and workshop in Italy. Seems most of the actual carving of the Italian marble was done there, possibly by a French sculptor named Charles Bullit. It's interesting to note at least one of those Muldoon creations ended up in Rose Hill Cemetery (I dare say there are likely more).

The double columned and arched monument placed for Amanda R. &
T. J. Shinholser was crafted by M. Muldoon & Co. of Louisville, KY.
It's likely made of Italian marble and possibly carved in Italy.

Amanda R. Shinholser (1818-1898)
T. J. Shinholser (1802-1879)

Maybe after the snow melts, I'll return and get some better photos!

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