25 November 2013

Now I Know Franklin Adamson's Cause of Death

Way back in February 2009, I wrote an article about Franklin Green Adamson. He was the son of Samuel Taylor Adamson and Mary Elizabeth Bright. All three rest in the Cabiness Ridge section of Rose Hill.

Franklin Green Adamson
Sept 4, 1875
May 1, 1922
He Loved To Make Others Happy

In the article mentioned, I noted that Frank had died at the young age of just 46 years and wondered what was the cause. Well, now I know.  I revisited Mr. Adamson, conducted more research, and brought up an image of his death certificate.

"Georgia, Deaths, 1914-1927," index and images, FamilySearch
(https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/JDXW-FFF : accessed 25 Nov 2013),
 Franklin Green Adamson, 01 May 1922.

The document answered my initial question -- Frank's cause of death was "heart disease with pneumonia." Most everything else on the certificate of death was as expected.  Frank was married, he was a locomotive engineer for G. S. & F. Railway Company, his father was S. T. Adamson, and his mother's maiden name was Bright.  This information was provided by Frank's brother Edward.

A tidbit that should be noted, however, is the birth date.  The document states it as Sept 5th, 1876.  But Frank's ledger marker in Rose Hill Cemetery gives it as Sept 4, 1875.  Hmmm...

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