01 May 2013

Lizzie is Clarissa, One of Macon's Fairest Flowers

Photo by James Allen
When researching bits and pieces of the life of yesterday's subject, I uncovered what I think is an interesting note. Whenever I see the nickname of "Lizzie," I usually first think it short for the name Elizabeth. In this instance, I would be way off. Here, Lizzie = Clarissa.

Macon Telegraph (Georgia)
10 June 1880, pg. 4
Marriage on Walnut Street.
Last evening, at the residence of Dr. Roosevelt, on Walnut street, the Rev. Otis A. Glazebrook officiating, Miss Lizzie Benton, was married to Alfred Jessop, Esq., of York, Penn. The bride is one of Macon's fairest flowers, daughter of Amos Benton, Esq., the groom a member of the firm of Jessop & Smith, of this city, manager of A. B. Farquhar's Southern Depot, Pennsylvania Agricultural Works, a young man of fine business and social qualities, who, since his residence in this city, has won for himself a host of friends. May prosperity and happiness follow them through life.

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