07 July 2011

Emmitt Kimbrew: a Couple of Inaccuracies

Emmitt Kimbrew
Aug 11, 1900
Aug 1, 1953

Emmett rests in the Kimbrew family plot at the bottom of a hill in the Eglantine Square section of Rose Hill Cemetery. Not too far from the railroad tracks and Ocmulgee River. Nearby are his parents, John W. (1871-1910) and Ada A. (1877-1959).

When searching for information about Emmett, I found there are a couple of inaccuracies between his ledger gravestone inscription and other records. The name on his ledger marker is spelled as Emmitt, with an "i". Most other record sources list it as Emmett, with an "e". Notably, his World War I Draft Registration Card of 1918, bearing his signature. The full name there is Emmett Virginus Kimbrew.

Something else that is off is Emmett's death year. The gravestone inscription gives his year of death as 1953. However, the Georgia Deaths database online at Ancestry.com lists the year of death as 1952.

One consistency in the latter years of Emmett's life was his occupation. According to city directories from 1945 to 1950, Emmett was the proprietor of Kimbrew Grocery at 1502 Broadway in Macon, Georgia. Here's what that area looks like today. I dare say, not much different?

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