01 July 2010

How Did Rose Hill Cemetery Get Its Name?

Macon Telegraph
24 August 1919
(Viewed online at GenealogyBank.)


THE question has often been asked: "How did Rose Hill Cemetery get its name?" Judge E. E. Brown, in his interesting reminiscences, answers the question. "In 1840 I was one of the committee appointed by the city council to select a suitable place for a cemetery, and with Simri Rose settled upon the spot now used for the purpose. The majority of the committee was opposed to this location.

They thought it was too far away from the city, and favored the grounds now occupied by the railroad shops. (The Central Shops below Seventh street.) We visited both sites and finally agreed upon the upper site, naming it Rose Hill, in honor of Simri Rose, who always took a great interest in it, even up to the time of his death. I attended the first burial in this cemetery, that of David F. Wilson."

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