18 April 2009

The Greatest Gynecologist in the World?

Sketches of the Bozeman Family
by Rev. Jos. W. Bozeman, D.D.
Mercury Publishing Co., Meridian, Miss., 1885
Pages 33 & 34
Continued sketch of Dr. Nathan Bozeman.

Subsequently, two or three years were spent by him in France and Germany, during which time, his surgical operations with Prof. Gustav Simon in Heidelberg, gave him more than national fame. One of the reports of the cases from Germany, denominated Dr. Nathan Bozeman "the greatest gynecologist in the world."

At that time the European correspondent of a St. Louis German paper, speaks of American medical and surgical matters abroad thus, which is a translation:

"The drooping spirits of the Americans at Heidelberg have been revived by the appearance of the eminent American gynecologist, Dr. Nathan Bozeman of New York, formerly of Montgomery, Alabama, who was invited here by Prof. Gustav Simon, his colleague, to a sort of scientific duel in the operation for vesico vaginal fistula. The American surgeon was the undisputed victor..." - Mobile Register, 1875

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